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Originally Posted by AmazingAngel
I would find out if that was if you bought into the timeshare. If that is just the incentive to sit for 90mins and listen to the presentation...I'd do it personally. Its entirely up to you.
Yeah, I checked and the brochure says that there is no commitment to buy into the timeshare, just have to sit through the presentation. Maybe the percentage of people that actually buy the timeshare is high enough that it is worth it for the company to provide the free cruise offer regardless of a timeshare sale. Still..passage for two on a 7 night crsuise is worth at least $1500 isn't it? Seems like a great deal..I'll probably go ahead and sit through it. I've sat through these timeshare presentations before - they go for the high pressure sale, but usually the offer is for free ski passes, a few nights at a hotel, etc, nothing this big.
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