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read the very small print because my experience in having done a few time share presentations, is that they give you a voucher that you exchange for the cruise and it has alot of restrictions on when you can use it, and usually unless you live within driving distance of the departure port the air fare and other things will wind up costing you as much as a cruise

and I always remember what my parents taught me..there is no such thing as a "free" anything

I have found great success with these high pressure time share pitches (had them all the time when I use to go to Maui every year) is to start off by telling the sales person that at this time you cannot afford to purchase a time share..then if they continue to add pressure, tell them the reason why you can't afford a timeshare at this time is because you are going thru your second divorce and bankruptcy and if that doesn't work tell them you are part of a class action lawsuit against a timeshare company that defaulted, and once you receive your settlement you'll call them about purchasing a time share (say it very loudly in front of the other guest)..I bet they will give you your cruise voucher quick to get rid of you (VBG)
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