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NPR's Morning Edition and the paper. Occasionally CNN's American Morning if there's a story that they're riding that's really news (like this morning, when they had very good hurricane coverage).

All three of the network morning grinfests are beyond my ability to bear, even though two of my old friends still show up on the Today show occasionally. Willie Scott is an old Washington boy, and we used to get into a lot of trouble together in the area's recording studios back in the 60's and 70's, but I gather he's only on once in a great while now, and then just for a couple minutes. He's a dear person, and always has been. One of the true "what you see is what you get" guys, on and off camera. And one of NBC's really fine journalists, Bob Dotson, still does feature stories on Today, and when he alerts me that one will be running that he's especially proud of, I either tune in to watch them or punch them up online. Bob's a friend, and I'm prejudiced, but I think he does human interest features better than anyone on TV today. It's just a shame that they're mired in the muck of the Today show.

Sorry if I'm offending any Today or GMA fans, but my vote is "none of the above."
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