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I guess my question would be - why would you just stand there. Not being mean but I would have just wandered back to the Queen Mary and taken a tour of the old gal. There are also several spots to get food on the Queen Mary and at the dock area. Also the Queen Mary is about a five minute walk from the dock area - so I can't see how anyone could be "transported". The car park area is also covered so anyone that stood out in the rain didn't need to.

I feel sorry that you had to wait - but it sounded as if Carnival could not have done anything else - the FBI would definately be making the rules. Where they seemed to have dropped the ball was their lack of information to the passengers. If you had been told you had a couple of hours to wait - then you could have chosen to do something else for a while. There seems to be a herd instinct involved here - people get in line and stay there - me I would have come back later - but then I don't usuallly folow the crowd

Did you ever get any more infor on the deaths - that would really freak me out.

Don't let this put you off cruising - I hope your next experience will be perfect.

ttfn Jennifer
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