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No free cruise for us. We sat through a high pressure, boring presentation and received our "voucher" for a free cruise. The only way to book it was to send a check for about $100 (for port taxes and fees) and 3 travel dates to the company within 30 days. Information about the cruise was minimal (blackout dates weren't defined, only stated that we couldn't cruise a week prior or after holidays; cruiseline wasn't defined: several were listed, but you'd only find out after they booked you.) There was no way to contact them by telephone or e-mail, only regular mail. I wrote them to ask for specific sailing dates so I could pick one; also asked how much it would cost to add a 3rd/4th person (our kids) to our room. Never did receive a reply.

Looking back at your post, you can sometimes get 7 night cruises in the off season for a little more than $300, especially in the lowest category, using a guarantee. And, you can pick the cruiseline you want to sail on. Whatever you choose to do, I hope it works out for you. might want to call again and ask who actually does the booking; in our case, it wasn't the timeshare company, it was some unknown company (couldn't find any information on the web about them)
only reachable by US mail. If you are able to talk to the people booking the cruise, that would be great. I might have been able to take the "free" cruise if that would have been the case in our situation. For us, I just didn't feel comfortable sending $$ in mail without any real details of the cruise.
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