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I for one can't STAND being held captive at a high-pressure sales presentation, no matter what the reward! They go on, and on, and on, and usually argue with you about why you dont' want to take advantage of their offer, and usually make you feel like you have to explain to them WHY you don't want to do it. I just really don't like that type of environment, and the time wasted arguing with these people.

If I get serious about WANTING to buy a time share, then I will seek them out, but not this again.

We were in a lovely resort that we PAID for in Cancun, and when we arrived, we TOLD the man at the desk that we did not want to attend a "presentation". Do you know they had the NERVE to call and wake us up at 9a the following morning to advise us of their presentation??? (6 AM our time!!) Luckily for them my husband answered the phone and not me! I was really annoyed at their lack of consideration tho....

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