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Correct, breakfast was at home. Sorry for the confusion.

The Carnival staff kept telling us it would be "just 15 more minutes" before we could board, and told us this so many times I've lost count. There were huge puddles of water and the rain was quite heavy at times, so getting to the carpark or to the Queen Mary would have been possible, but we would have gotten totally wet. I was not dressed for rain or wind. We had already toured the QM before, plus there were 1000 - 1500 people in line behind us and if we left our spot, I am sure we would not have gotten on until 6pm or even later.

My gripe is not really about my discomfort although it wasn't the way I expected to spend the day. I was wet and freezing, but I'm not 85 and in a wheelchair and after a cup of coffee and some hot food I was fine. Seeing the Carnival staff standing inside the doors nice and dry as they looked out at us was something else. All they had to do was make a loudspeaker announcement to advise the delay and organize people into "holding" areas. The people at the middle and end of the line had absolutely no idea what the delay was, but they still waited, just like everyone else.

Once on board things were looking up. The next morning my husband took a shower and the drain system was totally plugged and the water did not drain away. We had one of the disabled rooms, where there is wheelchair access to the shower. There is no lip between the shower and the bathroom arean. When he opened the bathroom door, the water spewed into the room leaving a 8 inch wide and 4 foot long wet patch of carpet. The steward came immediately and using a pen, he poked holes into the drain and some of the water drained. I showered and we left for Catalina. After lunch we returned to our room, but it had started to smell bad. The steward told us he had no way to dry the carpets. We went to the pursers office and they gave us a room with a window, so that made up for our inconvenience and the rest of the trip was very nice.

I do plan another trip, probably to the Carribean. I would not rule Carnival out. I have not seen any news stories about the deaths. I know for certain there was an overdose and a 2nd death in Ensenada, but that's all.

I do plan on writing to Carnival to complain about the disrespectful treatment of those elderly people. They eventually did begin to move them inside, but we had to wait probably 4 hours before they did this. Any tips for writing to Carnival?

I'm long winded. Sorry again for the long post again.
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