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Toss it in the trash where it belongs!!! We used to 'win' or get these offers at least once a week and sometimes more often and somtimes not for months. It is basically legit in that you do get a 'free cruise' but you will pay almost as much for the port taxes and fees as the cruise costs. Sometimes more than you can by the cruise for from a honest TA. In addition you will be required to sit through the entire lecture and go through the hard sell before they will sign your 'chit' authorizing the 'free cruise'. If you at any time leave before they want you to and they do not sign this thing, you will have to pay for the cruise, also at an inflated price. You can't just say no thanks and walk out with a signed chit as they want to 'talk' and keep talking hoping you will break down or otherwise lose your sanity and agree to their terms. There is no free ride when it comes to cruising.
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