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Originally Posted by Jim Bragg
Toss it in the trash where it belongs!!! We used to 'win' or get these offers at least once a week and sometimes more often and somtimes not for months. It is basically legit in that you do get a 'free cruise' but you will pay almost as much for the port taxes and fees as the cruise costs.
Yes, the more I think about it, the more I don't want to potentially mess up a ten year anniversary trip I am planning for my wife. We've done one cruise before this when we were married back in 96 aboard the Jubilee. I'm not sure if they are even sailing that boat anymore..Anyway, it was alot of fun and I hear the newer ships are even nicer. We are looking at either the Pride of the Spirit. Sounds like we can still get a pretty competitive deal if we book far in advance (not looking to go until next Fall)

Thanks for the advice everyone!
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