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Roka, my apologies for my previous reaction on post. I have taken the time to read all above and what you experienced..

But what time did you actually get on ship? What time did you turn up on the dock to board?

As a first timer you can be excused in thinking that because the ship is in the port at 7am or even 11am that you can board then. Sorry, no-one can board until all are off and they have cleaned up and cleared customs in that "all previous had left ship".

So usually you cannot even begin to board any ship until at least 2pm.

Your friends that had cruised 5 times before should have known this and not turned you all up at the dock at 9am. If I read this right.

I maybe still misreading this and if so I apologies, but I cant see the lines fault regarding expected boarding times. There was no delay in the usual boarding time that I have ever seen.
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