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Default Liberty Continued

The first night of sleep after boarding a ship is always one my best sleeps. Travel, excitement, anticipation all combine to generally have me fall into bed at the end of the day without as much as whimper.

Our first sleep onboard was made even more pleasant with Carnival’s new mattresses, high thread count sheets, and wonderful new comforters. And a big plus, the new beds are also high enough from the floor that our luggage slid easily under the bed, without having to lift the bed.

We slept in quite late, and eventually made our way to the first “informal? social meeting of the CruiseMates group, at 11 A.M. This was followed by another “informal? get together at 2 P.M. with other people we met on the “net?, who hadn’t booked as part of our group. Great meeting so many old and new friends!

From 4:30 – 5:30 today was our “official? CruiseMates complimentary cocktail party, and we got to meet any missing members of the group, who had different seating times. We had been sharing plans and anticipation for the cruise via posting on the message boards, and e-mail exchanges, and it really makes the transition of meeting onboard so much more enjoyable. Everyone knows at least a bit about each other prior to meeting face to face, and any initial awkward moments of meeting strangers is non-existent, because we’re really not strangers.

Tonight was our second dinner on the ship, and food quality and service has indeed been very good! If they can continue this for 14 more nights I’ll be delighted, and probably a bit plumper <G>

The Welcome Aboard show, with Cruise Director, John Heald, was this evening, and though I haven’t cruised with John since 2001, it was evident he is still the best in the business. Within minutes John always has the packed showroom rolling with laughter.

Things are going to get interesting later in the cruise, as I am going to be “working? one day, with John and the cruise staff. I’m unsure as yet exactly what I’ll be doing, but it should be quite the fun and unique experience.

Late this evening they announced that due to a fisherman’s strike of the port of Barcelona the Liberty will not be docking there as planned tomorrow morning. They’ve altered our itinerary, so we’ll be calling on Palma de Mallorca tomorrow and Barcelona the following day (if the strike has ended).
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