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Day 3 – Liberty

Today was a port stop in Palma de Mallorca. It’s not generally a regular port of call on many Mediterranean itineraries, but perhaps oddly Mrs. Kuki and I have been here several times. It’s a very nice island, which offers several interesting tour possibilities, but also relatively easy to explore the city on your own… if you’re mobile.

Because today was a port day, and we wanted to have dinner a bit later, 10 of us had made reservations at Harry’s Supper Club, the ship’s alternate ($30 surcharge) restaurant. Though a very pleasant atmosphere, I prefer the more open plans of the supper clubs on the Carnival Spirit Class ships. The design of Harry’s gives a more cramped feel. It certainly wasn’t overbooked either

The food and presentation were very good. In fact, the filet mignon I ordered was downright scrumptious, as were the side dishes. And I loved the interesting choices of china used for the various courses.

The service, on the other hand, did not live up to expectations. And I believe when one opts to pay the surcharge for a “finer meal? we are somewhat justified in looking for something more than the dining room offers, and that includes more than just an improvement in food quality. It’s not that the service was bad, it simply wasn’t as at tentative as it should be in a venue of this nature.

After dinner most of the group went to the showroom to see the Mark Anthony show, and by all accounts, he was excellent. I, on the other hand, skipped the show, to play a few hands of BlackJack in the casino, with an early night in mind, as Barcelona (one of my favorite cities) is tomorrow’s port of call.

Earlier today, I was attempting to type a note of scheduled events for the group, to be delivered to the cabins, and couldn’t get the printer in the Internet Café to work. The group coordinator onboard kindly offered to assist, and typed and delivered the notices for us.

I was delighted to see my notice already delivered to my cabin’s mailbox when I returned to the cabin this evening. Though I was a bit shocked to see Halloween is now Oct. 30

Other than today's problem with the printer, the Wi Fi service on the ship has been very good, and surpringly quick.
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