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Hi Kuki
I love to read you posts. I hope you are enjoying your cruise. We were on the Liberty Sept 30 and had an awesome time. We met so many people would have liked to meet R.Donte a lady that I have chatted with on this site. If you are out and about and wander into the gift shop where the jewlery is sold say hi to Siobhan (Ireland) from her Canadian friends Colleen and Bill and ask her how the Canadian Mafia are doing? That's what she calls all the staff in the gift shops as they all are pretty much Canadian. !!!
Enjoy your trip and I would love to know how rough the water is crossing the Atlantic and do many people get sick? Just a little nervous to be 5 days at Sea.
We also ate in the Silver dining room table 521 and our waitress Daniela was so nice.
Have fun!!!
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