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Default Parked off the coast of Barcelona

Sittting offshore by Barcelona.

We were to be in Barcelona early this morning, but a 3 day blockage of the port by fishing boats, protesting the price of fuel, prevented us, as well as other cruise ships, and freighter traffic from entering the port.

It’s now 2 PM, and we were informed that Spanish government and protesters have come to some form of agreement, and the blockade is ending. It will take some time to get the backlog of ships in to the pier.

All of the scheduled ship’s tours have been cancelled, which will certainly put a dent into their revenue; but the passengers are taking this all in stride, with very little complaining. I suppose that’s due, at least in part, because on an itinerary such as this it’s a bit of a more mature crowd, with mostly seasoned travelers… who over the years realized “ship happens?.

The plan at the moment is to have the ship stay into the evening to allow those interested explore Barcelona a bit. We had to wait out the blockade for another reason. This is the final spot for the ship to pick up stores to enable the Atlantic crossing. John Heald joked that the ship was running out of toilet paper, and therefore guests would be limited to taking one book each out of the library.

Have a very funny (and odd) story from a couple of our cruisemates. Yesterday many of us were gathered by the pool schmoozing and socializing, when Helen (of Ray B and Helen) decided she needed to return to her cabin to get her sunglasses.

She came back a few minutes later blushing like a preteen. When she entered her cabin she found two strangers laying on her “embracing?. She immediately turned tail and came back to the group to tell the story. Ray and she headed back to see if they could figure out this happened. I told her, I would have just asked the couple to pause from what they were doing, and ask if they’d seen her sunglasses.

We haven’t yet been able to solve the mystery of how , who, or why this could have happened though.
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