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Default A Tough Day in Barcelona

A Tough Day in Barcelona

The Liberty was not able to pull in to the pier in Barcelona until almost 6 P.M., and the decision was announced that we’d stay in port until 5 A.M.

For those young in age, or spirit, this could be viewed as a good thing because Barcelona is known to have a fabulous night life. However, I felt sorry for the vast majority of the passengers, having missed the opportunity to see a truly great city. We’re fortunate to have visited here several times before, but others who haven’t certainly missed out.

Carnival arranged free shuttles from the port to the Las Ramblas area, but because of high demand, with no other tours, the waits for the shuttles were long, and there weren’t many taxis available.

By the time we got into town, it was dark, and most of the shops had closed. The area was still very busy at the sidewalk cafes and bars. We strolled the familiar area for a couple of hours, and then found a taxi to return us to the ship.

The Brilliance of the Seas came into port just before us. Their situation was quite different, and had to have created some real problems for the passengers onboard. Apparently they had been sitting outside of the port for two days, waiting to get in to disembark passengers, and pick up the passengers for its next cruise.

I can’t imagine the logistical nightmare they faced rescheduling flights and hotels for passengers leaving, and hotels etc for those who were meeting the ship to embark on the next cruise.

As our taxi returned us to the Liberty, at around 10 P.M. we watched long lines of Brilliance passengers waiting in lines for taxis, and buses, luggage in tow.

This was a situation the cruise lines obviously had no control of, and I have no idea how Royal Caribbean handled their situation, but under the circumstances, I think Carnival did pretty well. It will be interesting to watch the message board versions of everyone’s experiences on these two ships in the coming days.
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