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Ok.. back at the computer for a bit Attended a comedy show, by Carol Hughes, then we met on Lido Deck to grab a slice of pizza, and started to watch the movie on the jumbo screen. but the bar with the popcorn machine was closed They charge $1 a bag for popcorn.. btw.

The "episode" with Helen probably should have some explanation. Ray and Helen are our "cruising heroes", who've been just about everywhere. But Helen is beginning to have problems with short term memory loss.

As a result, no one is really sure how the situation I described earlier resulted. It could have been that the amorous couple were in their own cabin, nearby to Ray and Helens, and had inadvertently left their door a bit ajar. Or it could have been that her key somehow worked in the wrong door... or it could have been that "somehow" they were in her room.

We suspect that the latter was highly unlikely, as it did occur mid afternoon, and not likely that any staff would attempt such a thing.

When Ray escorted Helen back to the cabin minutes later no one was there. Nor was there any evidence anyone had been there.

If we truly suspected someone had been in their cabin, we wouldn't have viewed the incident as funny.
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