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Hey, T, respect, but don't ever make the mistake of explaining your postition for my sake in any discussion. I read very well on my own, thanks.

This is not about computers, lines or ships. This is about people of a certain age who can turn up hours before the on board show starts, to get their seat and keep either it or them and sometimes with vengence!

You cant sit here!, we have all seen them

They also plan their lives around being at the front of the line,,,for anything.

So they also turn up to board a ship expecting to board when they arrived, and to be honest when no-one else would or expect. But they are at the front of the line, and feeling good,,,made it.

Then they complain because it did not suit their expectation or timescale as to when their personal cruise started.

Forget the line, ship or whatever. Tell me different based on reality and if someone is prepared to stand / sit on a dock for being "first in line". Then for me you take all what goes with it. End of story, that was their choice. It was only bad because they got wet and that was the lines fault! Eh dont think so

Did the line say turn up at that time and expect them to board,,or did they and lets be honest, try to get ahead of the line? And it did not work!

Mike, okay an hour out, but the scenario still stands for some out there.

Never got an answer to what time they hit the dock, and when they actually got on ship
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