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Default A day at Sea

Through TV and e-mail we've got some idea of the devasation that Wilma has caused and our thoughts are certainly with everyone who was affected!!!

Thumper.. enjoy your cruise. I've told Tweety and Harry you e mailed. John and Priscilla, we miss you, and glad to hear you are heading out as well.

Now .. on to the story
A Day at Sea

The Liberty left Barcelona at 5 A.M. heading towards Malaga, Spain. Needless to say, I wasn’t awake to watch our sail-a-way.

Being a sea day, we took full advantage and slept in late. I had decided that since I had been overindulging a bit, today would also be a “light eating? day. Mrs. Kuki and I aren’t really the “go to the gym? types, but we have been very good about using the stairs, rather than the elevators. Our cabin is on Deck 8, so because of our no elevator policy, we spend a lot of our time on Lido Deck (deck 9) instead of going down stairs and having to come back up.

Speaking of our cabin (a Category 8 Verandah cabin); is very nice, with efficient layout, and plenty of storage. I’d already mentioned the great new beds, but the burnt organge and burgundy color scheme is very attractive, and relaxing.

The balcony has two chairs and a small table, and not much room for anything else, but is still pleasant to sit, relax or read. Our next door neighbors are part of the CruiseMates group, so we’ve had the divider between balconies opened, and it’s fun to sit and chat, and also makes the balcony seem more spacious.

I’m not sure if it’s a result of my weight loss since my last Carnival cruise, but the shower seems larger, and though there’s a shower curtain, it doesn’t seem to be chasing me around the shower.

This afternoon we got together with the CruiseMates group for our gift exchange. Everyone brought low valued gifted representative of the area they were from, and we had some fun deciding who would choose from the various gift packages, and displaying what everyone brought.

Tonight was the first of two formal nights, and there was a surprisingly large percentage of men wearing tuxedos; much more so than on a typical Caribbean cruise. For the most part dress was pretty upscale.

The last few nights our service seems to have deteriorated somewhat. Two nights in a row we were just getting dessert served when the Maitre D was making announcements to the staff about preparing for the next seating. It’s day 5 of the cruise, and our table has yet to be visited by a head waiter, or Maitre D. But if we continue to feel the service team is not as good as it should be, I’ll soon be mentioning it to the Head Waiter. I think it’s much better to do that, than tolerate it, and be at all unhappy.

Our wait staff are very nice, but perhaps they need some help with their section.
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