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Default Can't believe it's Day 6, ALREADY

The last few nights our service seems to have deteriorated somewhat. Two nights in a row we were just getting dessert served when the Maitre D was making announcements to the staff about preparing for the next seating. It’s day 5 of the cruise, and our table has yet to be visited by a head waiter, or Maitre D. But if we continue to feel the service team is not as good as it should be, I’ll soon be mentioning it to the Head Waiter. I think it’s much better to do that, than tolerate it, and be at all unhappy.
Our wait staff are very nice, but perhaps they need some help with their section

Thought I should offer a note about my comments above from yesterday. A couple of years ago I was on a cruise where I encountered the worst dining room wait staff ever. Not wanting to be nasty, or get anyone into any kind of trouble, we said nothing… voiced no complaints, and suffered through the entire 7 day cruise with bad service.

I decided then (and I think it’s the action the cruise lines would prefer) if the occasion arose again we’d speak up while they can do something about it, rather than stay silent, and go home from our cruise unhappy. I think the cruise lines sincerely do want to remedy your problems before they adversely affect your cruise experience, but you have to inform them, to give them that opportunity.

Last night we attended the Adults only midnight comedy show by Carol Hughes. It was a very funny show, and made more interesting seeing “adult comedy? from the perspective of a funny, funny woman.

Malaga, Spain

We woke up along the side of the pier in Malaga, Spain. This was the only stop that we had pre-booked an excursion through the Carnival website. Unfortunately, the first day onboard we received a notice that the Jeep Rally Tour we chose was cancelled due to lack of bookings. I guess we must have made an “odd choice? but we were somewhat surprised they didn’t wait a few days to see if more people would book it, once they were on the ship, before canceling.

Most of the other ship’s tours did sell out, so on an itinerary such as this, if you’re not an independent type of traveler, it is a good idea to pre-book your shore excursions.

The pier is located about a 45 minute walk to the city, and shuttle buses were available for those who didn’t, or couldn’t, book tours. Taxis are available, but have to park a fair distance from the gangway, so those with any mobility difficulties must use tours, or the shuttle bus.

We walked down to the taxis and negotiated a price with a driver for a half day tour to Marbella. Marbella is a high end resort city along the beautiful Costa del Sol, a very popular vacation area for the British, and many celebrities own villas in this area.

The last time I had visited this area was 1972, and I remembered sleeping in our van near the beach. I much prefer the style we are traveling in today… on the Liberty.

After Marbella, Mrs Kuki and I had the driver drop us in the center of Malaga, and explored the pedestrian promenade shopping streets, and surrounding area. We then walked the 45 minutes or so back to the ship. It was a very pleasant day, with temperatures in the low 80s F.

After all the walking we did today, we felt we earned the right to eat dinner

I have to say the tempo of our service improved quite considerably this evening. Tonight we even had to time to chat with our waiter for a few minutes, while we were enjoying a cup of coffee. Not only do we enjoy that interaction, but I truly believe the servers enjoy it as well. Particularly on a longer cruise, such as this one, we don’t want to treat them strictly as servants. After all we are spending a considerable amount of time together.

Non smokers should be fairly happy on this ship, with several smoke free lounges available, and of course the dining room, Emile’s on Lido Deck, and Henry’s Supper Club.

We have just sailed by the tip of Gibraltar, and a few of use go together on the balcony for a “rock party?. Unfortunately, it’s already dark out, so we really only saw the lights of Gibraltar. Regardless, we made it a fun experience.

Tonight we begin to enjoy the first of what is going to be 7 time changes during the cruise. An extra 7 hours of cruising, because we’re sailing east to west! What could be better!
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