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Default Another Day at Sea

Late last night I think we began passing through the remnants of Hurricane Wilma. Up until last night we had been experiencing very calm seas, and wonderful weather. After retiring for the night I noticed the “motion of the ocean� had picked up a bit. And by the time we woke this morning, the skies were dark, rain coming down on and off, and we were doing the “sitting still shuffle� with fairly high seas bolstered by winds across the bow at between 30 and 40 mph.

People were still out and about on the ship, so I’m assuming many have pretty good sea legs already, but there were most definitely some who were turning a bit green.

Our cabin is on the same deck as the bridge, and quite far forward, so while in the cabin we do notice the motion quite a bit. I personally prefer cabins toward the stern of the ship, but we had booked balcony guarantees, so the cabin location was strictly luck of the draw.

The chilly weather and motion continued through the day, and into the evening, and as a result there were some in the group who missed dinner. Mrs. Kuki and I, on the other hand didn’t let anything stand in the way of a meal.

Everyone spent most of the day indoors, and there were lots of activities planned for people who wanted to keep busy. Dance lessons, a number of trivia sessions, and games were almost continuous throughout the day. The highlight of the day was a “game show� passenger participation event, hosted by John Heald. One would truly be hard – pressed to find a Cruise Director with a quicker wit.

Today wasn’t the day for it, but I’ve been surprised how popular the movies on the jumbo screen by the pool have been, for both afternoon and evening movies.

One thing I haven’t talked about previously, that’s worth mentioning is the Silver Olympian Dining Room. The layout is similar to other Destiny and Conquest Class ship’s dining rooms, but in my opinion the interior design work on this one makes it the best looking dining Carnival dining room. In fact, in my view it’s quite an elegant room.

Tomorrow is a port stop in Funchal, Maidera, and our last stop before 5 full sea days crossing the Atlantic. It’s also Halloween, and our CruiseMates costume party, and contest. Now, this should be interesting!
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