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Default Re: Disgustingly Filthy Radiance of the Seas RCI

Originally Posted by canuck888
We recently cruised with RCI on Radiance of the Seas. We cruised on that ship several years ago and chose it again because of the layout and condition. What a difference 3 years makes! The ship was absolutely filthy! Stains on carpets everywhere, stains on dining room chairs. The majority of our dinners were cold by the time they reached out table. The waiter and asst. barely understood english and frankly did not care. The food quality was terrible. The best meal we had was when we went to the Chops Grille (and paid an extra $20.00 US a person) The waiter was excellent and the food was what we have been used to on our previous 6 cruises with Princess and Celebrity. When the toilets all backed up on the pool deck, the complaint was ignored and 3 hours later the toilets had not only not been repaired but signage was not even put out to deter other passengers from going in and seeing the disgusting sight. We have been on older ships and the crew have kept them in pristine condition. RCI did not seem to care. A letter was sent to RCI upon arriving home. No response yet from the CEO or President. It was a disappointing cruise to say the least. I now know where and why Norwalk Virus begins. No wonder passengers get so sick.
I noticed the same differance in my 2 Sovereign cruises. My cruise were 2 yrs. apart. I guess these ships really need to be redone very often. I have been on 3 ships woith the carpet stains and always wondered if this was because of drunks or what-until one trip I dumped coffee all over the carpet when we were out to sea and things were choppy.

On my recent Mariner cruise-the ship still looked great and should have being not quite 2 yrs. old-but I did notice after a hard rain that there were leakage in the stair well area for several decks below the lido. I felt that ship was too new for that.

I also felt the food had gone down a lot. On both my Sovereign cruises I had great food but I found the food on the Mariner mediocre except for Chops. I do beleive they are just not using the same quality of food-but look at the prices of cruises-they are still around what they were 5 yrs. ago-people are just not as willing to pay more-every thing else has gone up so we should expect cruises to go up also. I believe the cruiselines are cutting the quality of foods to make a profit.

I will still cruise though. I guess I will just eat more often at chops.
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