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Kuki and all. I too am still waiting to hear the end of the cabin mystery....I think this is better than watching soaps on my day off......

I have to say - I have a visual of your shower curtain chasing you around in the shower OL Now I am scared out of my wits since I have gained weight rather than lost weight since my last cruise. I believe I may be molested by the shower curtain OH DEAR!!! We'll see - I'll let you know.

I went online at 7:30 promptly last night and watch the webcam. Well, it only changes every 1 minute. I think you were only there 2 minutes. I could only see that there were 3 - 4 people standing to the left (looking at the big screen) of the bar - one had white pants and another a green top. Other than that I couldn't tell if it was you. I guess I expected to be able to see moose ears or something. Maybe next time.

Anyhow - Beta ravaged Cancun again today - no vacationing there. I would assume that poor Cozumel is having a hard time getting on there feet. I will take pics while I am away and let everyone know how we're doing.

Love you all....Thumper
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