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Default Crossing - Day 2

Sea Day 2

The 2nd of 5 sea days crossing, and we woke to grey skies and rain, and it unfortunately continued for the entire day. This got some of the cruisers a bit antsy, looking for things to do.

Fortunate timing as I had organized our own “Kuki version� of a treasure hunt for our group. Teams were formed and given a hint/puzzle sheet, from which they had to figure out what each of the six clues represented, and then set out to find the items… keeping in mind that trying to think like me would help them. We even had people asking if they could join in when they overheard our preparations of teams by the aft pool on Lido Deck.

We had six teams set out around the ship, and accuracy and speed counted in accumulating points. I must not be all that strange, because none of the teams got zero points, but one did come close. The teams returned to the Promenade Bar area for the calculations to decide a winner, and prizes were awarded. It looked like everyone had a ball. I know I had some great laughs watching what items people came back with, depending on how they interpreted my hints.

With the rain today, a lot of people must have been watching TV, and the video of the Halloween Party from the other night, because all day people were coming up to me an talking about seeing me in my “cruise habit�.

This evening’s showroom entertainment was a ventriloquist, Jerry Goodspeed. He was quite entertaining considering he tells jokes older than I do. Actually, I use many of the same jokes. An odd coincidence; I had sent one of those jokes in to John Heald today, to use on his “Morning Show, and the ventriloquist used it tonight. I’m sure he had no idea, but I got a chuckle.

After the show, a few of us went to spend some time with Cameron in the Piano Bar again. The Piano Bar isn’t as busy as on most Carnival ships we’ve sailed, but it’s one of my own favorite places to hang out.

Because of the length of this cruise, I think the age demographic is unlike what Carnival is used to. At 55 I am probably qualify as below the average, though there are some younger. Because of this the ship’s public areas are quite quiet later in the evening. But the showroom fills up for just about every event held there, and for the main evening shows, they show up very early.

I’ve spent some time each day in the casino, playing Blackjack. The staff in the casino is very friendly, and I enjoy spending time chatting with them, as long as my wallet allows it.

This evening at dinner we were talking about this being the beginning of our 7 night cruise. It’s truly amazing how the time has flown by.
I was talking to John Heald today, and we’re working on a little surprise for our CruiseMates readers, who are following along on the message board. As soon as the details are finalized, I’ll let you know.
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