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Okay! this is scary michelle After reading your post about what kind of car you wanted to get after the sale of your Jag, i was going to pop on here and ask everyone what they drive to aid you in your search.

So, Here goes. I had an xterra, 6 cyl. manual, but due to knee problems I had to get an automatic, and decided a gas efficiant one too. MY HUSBAND traded it in for a new Ford 4-door v-8 pickup truck. Yeah. gas efficiant. he is still getting teased. there is a long story on that I won't get into here.

This is what we drive:

1995 Ford F150 Lightning
1998 Dodge Ram 1500 Truck
2004 Ford F150 4-door pick up
2003 Lexus IS300 Sport Cross
**In storage I have my grandfathers 1972 Caddilac Eldorado convertable

Do I like them? Ehh They are all my husbands except my Cad, the lexus is my daily driver, fun zippy, but not my first choice
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