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Chrysler Pacifica-2005- I didn't want it, wanted a 300C, Dh talked me into this for travel reasons- Love it! So glad we did. Fits all needs, roomy, suv/car, luxury, smooth ride, fits my 6'2 son in the back seat. Seats fold down for cargo. IMHO the "cross over" vehicles are the best.

DH-Drives a 2005- Dodge Dakota-Bright red- What can I say. It's a guy thing. He always wanted one. Next car is going to be the new Charger. We never get a car the first model year.

Kids car- 2004-Dodge Neon srt.-fun to drive, good on gas. Which we need cause my son goes to three different high schools.

Dodge Dynasty-1990- Rust bucket! Well, lets just say that the kids drive this car!

Obviously we are Chrysler people. Born, raised and live by. Always had one, never had a problem.

My DH is involved with the autoshows so we hear of some great stuff coming out! I would tell you but then I would have to shoot you!

Hope that this helps in your decision. If you haven't checked out cross over's, please do. All auto makers have them now. They are the best of all worlds. They are half car, half suv.

For us, it is not about image. But about needs and what we will be using it for. Who's driving it and for what.


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