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I drive a 1994 Ford Taurus wagon. It may be old but it only has almost 80000 miles on it. We bought it brand new (was a dealer demo, so it's loaded) even though it had 5000 miles on it. I don't drive very often or far. If it wasn't for my kids it would have even less miles. I absolutely love my car. His name is Drew.

Tony drives a 1998 Ford F-150 Supercab truck. He loves it, I don't. TOO BIG. He actually has more miles on his truck than I have on the car. He commutes to Brighton and back for work. Probably will start looking for a new truck for him soon. (another Ford)

TJ (my son) got my MIL's 1993 Dodge Spirit when she got a new car. It has very low mileage (even after 2 roundtrips to Tampa.) Looks good and runs great. Good for what he needs at school and he shares with his sister.

As you can tell by the ages of the cars, we keep them forever. We maintain them, so they last. Even after the past few months with Tony's truck problems, it didn't need major work for about 2 years. Guess everything went at once. We also have the best mechanic. My car before the Taurus was a 1982 Ford wagon. Had over 100,000 miles on it when I got the new car.
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