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Default Champs of Greek Sing

Just talked to TJ, my son. His college had their annual Greek Sing Competition last night. This is a talent show, sort to speak, for all the fraternities and sororities on campus. Last year my son's fraternity was the fraternity champs and the overall champs. Lynn, my daughter, had already sent me pictures from the competition but didn't tell me who won. I was anxiously waited for TJ to call. Well, guess what? His fraternity are the CHAMPS again. They are very excited. They have worked very hard on their routine.

His fraternity has only been on campus for a few years so this is amazing. The are actually getting chaptered into the statewide organization on November 12th. (TJ's 21st birthday)

Also--TJ was recently nominated for the postion of vice-president of the fraternity. We are very proud of him just for being nominated.
Cheryl C.
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