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Originally Posted by venice
I don't know what they say, I've never known any women that owned a vet (VBG)...this is your chance to feel free to make up something that is reflective of a woman that owns one
I am a member of a Corvette Club and at least half of our members are women. We have a few couples that both the husband and wife own their own vettes.

This car is my pride and joy (family members of course come first). I work on it myself and no one drives it but me and John. Well, Michael and Ashley have both driven it too.

When I get new tires, I wont let them drive it in the bay or out. They know this by now and don't even ask for my keys. I am very protective of it and no one EVER sits or leans on it. I hate to see people do that to any vehicle but especially one made of fiberglass. You don't realize how easily you can crack it with too much weight. Sitting on the hood or anywhere else is just a bad idea. I knew someone that let a Hooter girl sit on his vette for a photo. She rested her foot where the headlight pops up. When she got up, she put too much pressure on it and jammed it close. The repair was no cheap. I will never understand why someone pays thousands for a car/truck/whatever and then sits on it, puts there keys on it (scratches) or in general just abuses their investment. (off my rant now)

I guess I will have to think of a good quote for women and their vettes.....
C. & J.
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