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Default A Glorious Sea Day

Sea Day 3

Glorious sunshine and much calmer seas greeted us this morning. I took full advantage, and spent most of the day relaxing and lounging by the mid-ship pool. I really enjoyed a fun day of sun tanning, and visiting with friends.

The pool areas on the Destiny and Conquest Class ships have a cantilevered deck design, almost like stadium style seating (but each level has room for loungers). I personally am very fond of this design. It makes it great for people watching, while working on your tan.

Emile’s, the buffet style restaurant on Lido Deck, frankly, is not my favorite design layout. There are several buffet lines available, as well as an Asian station, Deli, and Fish & Chips/Sea Food station. However, the physical set up of the buffet areas, with multiple stations, on the Spirit Class are much more to my liking. I was a bit surprised to see that Carnival chose to stick with the longer buffet lines on the new build.

The best parts of this area are the self serve ice cream, and frozen yogurt stations.

Watching John’s Morning Show TV show each day has been very interesting. At the beginning of the cruise he invited everyone onboard to write him “Dear John? letters, telling him of any special occasions they may be celebrating, questions, or even complaints.

John gets quite a number of letters every day, and reads them all during the show. Probably the most difficult ones to deal with are the complaints from passengers, and I admire John for his patience. He makes a very sincere effort to deal with the complaints on the air, reasonable or not, and then proceeds to try and remedy the problems off the air as well. Some situations are obviously quite difficult, and I have to admire John for at least attempting to deal with the problems head on, and publicly.

This makes the show quite unique, and something I’ve yet to see on any other cruise line.

I also met with John this afternoon, as well as some of the cruise staff, to get initial instructions for my “day of work?. I’m looking forward to having some fun with John and his staff, and will be writing a feature story for CruiseMates about the experience.

Mrs. Kuki and I were invited to dine at the Staff Captain’s Table tonight, along with the ship’s doctor, chief purser, chief of engineering, and five other passengers. The invitation was for the 8:30 dining time, in the Golden Olympian Dining Room. Our regular dining time is 5:45 PM in the Silver Olympian Dining Room (which is really a touch too early), so this seemed like a long wait to dinner. But, it did give me a chance to see this dining room.

The ship’s officers were very friendly, and conversation flowed pretty easily, as we lingered over coffee until the rest of the dining room was empty.

Though interior décor is identical, the Silver Olympian is nicer because it’s located at the stern, with large picture windows facing aft. It’s also appears to be a bit larger then the Golden. The Silver Dining Room is used for 5:45 and 8:15 seating, and the Golden Dining Room for 6:15 and 8:30 seating.
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