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You are right...everyone is different...but these ships are really used by cruisers from all walks of life.

Haven't you noticed that people in general are NOT clean! They don't clean up after themselves...leave trash everywhere thinking that it is someone elses job to pick up after them...After all...they're on a cruise..That's what the staff is for! Multiply that by hundreds or thousands every week...its rough on the crew.

Some cruiser's don't really show respect for furniture or things that don't belong to them..they use them like 'throw away' articles. New cruisers board so a hurry to start their fun trip...that it is hard for the crew to clean up completely. Some people do things on a cruise they would NEVER do at home or IN their home.

I'm not trying to make up excuses for the cruise lines...after all we had a cabin disappointment with Celebrity...BUT we did see the staff trying and give them kudos’ for their effort. Most of the Cruise industries staff and crew are very hard workers that have to deal with people from all walks of life, cultures and standards of cleanliness and do it in a tactful, non-judgmental manner.

Speaking of filty...have any of you visited an Emergency Room lately???!!! What's the excuse there?
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