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Default 4th sea day

Sea Day 4

Another superb day at sea on the Liberty! We couldn’t have asked for a more beautiful day to spend cruising. Even though we slept in, so didn’t get out on Lido Deck until closer to 10 AM, we had little problem getting loungers by the pool.

The day began with Dance Lessons in the Venetian Palace show room at 10:30 this morning, and continued with a variety of activities available all afternoon. A Sea Feud game at 1:30, then, tea time at 3:30, followed by the Horse Racing finals at 4:00, and other trivia game at 4:30 filled the afternoon, for those who wanted to participate.

We normally try and buy a horse at auction, and bring along some materials to decorate the horse. However, flying overseas for a long cruise, with luggage weight restrictions, we didn’t bring anything with us. Good thing because I had slept through the horse auction anyway. On sea days sleeping through some activities becomes a normal occurrence. It seems afternoon naps have become a very pleasant habit.

We’ve been on the ship now for 12 days, so now know it fairly well, and I think its fair now to form some opinions. To be straight forward, I really like this ship! While some of my initial reaction to the interior design work may have been a bit trepid, it has certainly grown on me.

The public rooms are all distinct, attractively furnished, and most importantly comfortable. There are some minor issues, such as a too small, under-stocked library. However, overall this ship is a winner! The crew, “to a man?, have been very friendly and willing to help with anything. I can’t be so kind about some of our fellow passengers. I’m not sure if it’s because of the age demographic, the five continuous sea days, or simply the total length of the cruise… but we’ve seem some unfitting behavior, and overheard some pretty unreasonable complaints from SOME of our fellow passengers.

Of course they are the minority. The vast majority of people are having a great time, and enjoying their cruise.

Each night at dinner time, during the crossing, we’ve had team trivia. I made up trivia sheets before coming, and they are passed out at dinner. Each table has the evening to fill them out and turn them in. With four different dining times on the ship, I would have been scrambling all night to get the trivia sheets to all the tables. Fortunately, Eva Kiss, the dining room host for our dining room, had offered to deliver them each night.

Eva is a lovely young woman, and just as sweet as can be, and has been of tremendous help, and service. We couldn’t have managed the nightly CruiseMates Trivia game without her.

She’s just one example of how helpful we’ve found all the staff.

We came back to our cabin tonight to find my name in the Carnival Capers, listed as social host for several events tomorrow. Now that was a bit different, but it should be great fun!

I'd best go get some sleep, so my brain will function
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