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Originally Posted by mjyanne
Unless St Thomas is your first stop when sailing from US Territory the ship wil lneed to be cleared by customs before anyone can depart the ship. I know on RCI they have us process thorugh one of the dining rooms with our Passports (US citizens) and foreign nationals are processed through another dining room. Once processed you are give a slip of paper that you show to depart the ship. That will be the only time you will need them.
Actually, Mike is probably right. It has been awhile since I have sailed there so I apologize if I gave outdated information. I do now recall doing something like that the last time I went there. It is because it is a US territory and you may be coming in from foreign soil, so there is US customs. We just had to appear in front of an officer on the ship who looked at us and our passports. It only took a few minutes.
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