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Default Sea Day 5

The amazing weather continues to please all of us on the Liberty. Today was as nice a day at sea as anyone would ever want, as we made our way toward St. Maarten doing about 17 knots most of the day.

Today I went to work as a social host-in-training, hosting or helping to host a number of events throughout the day, and had quite an interesting day. You’re going to have a bit for that story though.

Almost two years ago I had wrote a review of the Carnival Victory, and talked about line ups at the breakfast buffet, because two buffets lines in two areas, converged on a center omelet station. This problem continued with the set up on the Liberty, as the entire line was held up as people waited for their custom made omelets.

Today someone finally took some action to correct the situation. They roped of the omelet area, and posted a sign noting it was for omelets, allowing those not looking for omelets to “cruise through? the buffet line fairly quickly. A simple solution, that seems to have had a positive effect.

The breakfast buffet menus are very basic, and don’t change much from day to day, aside from alternating each day from pancakes to French Toast and back each day. Not a huge concern to me, as I’m not much of a breakfast eater… Though the French Toast has been very good!

The service issues we had in the dining room, near the beginning of the cruise, have smoothed out pretty nicely as the cruise continued as well. The food in the dining room has mostly been quite good. My only real complaint is the lack of imagination with the accompaniments with the main entrees. Other than a baked potato with prime rib, or steaks, there’s not much in the way of vegetables served.

Tonight’s entertainment in the showroom was a comedy magician, who Mrs. Kuki tells me was quite good. I was there, but had a lovely nap during the show.

Tomorrow we see land again, in St. Maarten, and also get the last of seven 25 hour days.
While this cruise may seem to long to many of you who have been reading along, those of us onboard can’t believe how fast the time has flown by, and that we have only 3 days left.
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