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Default The second last day

Second Last Day

Day 15, and more sunshine and beautiful weather were the order of the day. The Debarkation Talk was scheduled for 11 AM today, but before we knew about it we had scheduled a CruiseMates get together, for a wrap up to the dinner team trivia’s we’ve been doing. We gave all the answers, and of course in most cases people shook their heads, thinking they should have known that answer. But I think everyone enjoyed the nightly sheets at dinner, and on a long cruise like this, gave people something to have fun with over coffee and desert in the dining room. We handed out the last of the prizes, and now Mrs. Kuki and I have one entirely empty suitcase to spread things out in for a return flight home.

After the trivia final, many cruisemates returned to their cabins to get an early start on their packing. It’s really hard to figure out where all the days have disappeared.

As usual, the people in our group are what made this such a wonderful cruise. It really is special to meet new CruiseMate’s group cruisers, and to meet up again with old friends, who we first met on CruiseMates group cruises. It’s going to be very difficult saying goodbye to everyone, after spending a fun-filled 16 days together.

This afternoon Stephanie and Becka hosted the Fear Factor game poolside. I thought with this crowd it might be difficult to find participants for these types of events, but they haven’t had any problems finding fun people to give the games some life.

Over the course of the cruise I’ve heard a few people voicing complaints about the lack of activities on the sea days during the crossing. Carnival does not offer such things as “enrichment lectures? or computer classes, but in my view there were still quite a number of activities offered, with dance classes, passenger games etc.

The real key, in my mind, is while the cruise staff can plan, initiate and jump start activities, the passengers bear a lot of responsibility to enjoy themselves, and make their days fun.
To simply sit back and say “entertain me? all day will rarely produce satisfactory results.

Last night we were up fairly late with a small, but fun, group of people in the Piano Bar. As I made my way to the Piano Bar, I noticed the disco was completely empty.

Perhaps oddly, the busiest bar area onboard each evening was the Promenade Bar, just outside the casino, where Ron Kites played country music.

The showroom however was totally full for pretty much every show during the cruise.

Again… I think the fact many of the bars were quiet many nights had to do with the demographic of the passengers; not really what one would think of as “Carnival? passengers. It really was more like the “stereotypical? Holland America passenger (not to say the stereotype is accurate though).

Let me say, that “our group? is by no means the young party hardy type. In fact I think we go from possibly mid 40s to mid 80s. However, we have had a great time on this cruise, having fun with ship’s activities, friendly staff, and making our own fun!
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