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richstacy..good discussion point..however from a marketing perspective you never want to "sell" security as a reason to choose one cruise ship over the airline game, you never market or sell safety of one carrier over another..the public has to have an unshakeable trust that all cruise lines and airlines have safety/security as their core rules of the road

In light of 911, what we have all learned is that you cannot secure any place 100% against those types of attacks..what you can do is make people more aware of their surroundings and take some responsiblity for their safety

As Americans, we can no longer have the comfort of thinking a situation most likely will occur when we are overseas. I happened to have been in Istanbul when 911 occur and I felt much safer there then if I had been in New York

However, I really like that concept of the next time I see a Ghurka warrior onboard my cruise ship that he is there for my safety
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