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Default It's all coming to and end :(

Day 16

What a wonderful life it is when waking up to wonderful weather and clear blue skies becomes routine. Today was a superb day in the Caribbean, with the Liberty sadly making its way towards Miami, and the end of the cruise.

This morning John was kind enough to have me as guest on his Morning Show TV show. We had a few chuckles, and talked a bit about the CruiseMates web site, and the future of the cruise industry.

After the show we were talking privately, and John explained (and approved us sharing with Cruisemates) that he’ll be leaving the ship soon for vacation, returning Jan. 21/06 until June 1, and at that time it seems it’s most likely he is going to retire. He's threatened several times in the past, but I think this may truly be the end of the career for a truly marvelous man, and CD.

Though some people may not realize it, almost all of the Cruise Directors (who you love) on all the other Carnival ships, have likely been trained by John. I think it’s somewhat difficult for all of us to understand all the demands and strain put on Cruise Directors by passengers(we are a DEMANDING lot), not to mention head office. The fact that John still has the patience to deal with we cruise passengers after all these years speaks volumes about his character!

This evening at dinner we were all shaking our heads with disbelief that this cruise is ending. It was most certainly a bit of a melancholy evening, for most, saying goodbye to all the new and old friends.

We ended the cruise tonight, together with some of the CruiseMates gang, and new friends in the Piano Bar. Over the course of the cruise the Piano Bar became our evening hangout, after the shows. It developed into a very social core of people, where joking with each other became just as integral to the evening as singing along with Cameron.

This morning, while on the Mourning Show, I invited more people to join the fun in the Piano Bar, and we did end up with a larger crowd; A bit unfortunate, for them, that they hadn’t found this place earlier in the cruise.

The theme of the evening group in the Piano Bar became the song Green Alligators, complete with animated arm and hand actions to represent the various animals in the chorus. Words describing it don’t really do it justice, but it set a great mood. As Cameron, so ably described it; it was awesome! And so was this cruise.

For those lucky enough to be sailing the Liberty in the next few weeks, be sure to go to the Piano Bar, tell Cameron Kuki sent you, and help him get the place hopping EVERY night. He's had a long stretch of quiet time with the European cruises, and no doubt he'll be ready to party with you.

And while you're at it, tell him to teach you the actions to "Green Alligators" if you don't already know them!
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