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Default Waiting do disembark


I’m presently sitting on Lido Deck waiting to disembark. Today they are using what they call “relaxed? debarkation. While everyone got luggage tags, they do not denote time of debarkation. Once debarkation begins, everyone will be allowed off at their own pace.

I know, since we don’t have an airplane to catch until tomorrow, we’ll avoid the “relaxed rush? to the gangway. The ship hasn’t yet been cleared by Customs & Immigration, and there are already people yelling at the crew about having to get off the ship to catch early flights. This is pretty strange behavior from people who don’t have the sense to avoid booking any flights before noon!

The Wi Fi service throughout the ship has worked very well for me. It’s not near as slow as I expected it might be. The Internet Café onboard does rent out laptops btw. The cost is $20/day, plus the cost of your internet time.

We’ll try and post a wrap up of the entire story in the next few days, and we’ll see if any returning Liberty passengers hop on to discuss their opinions of experience.

Having dinner with friends in Ft Lauderdale tonight, and then home tomorrow. If you're in Ft Lauderdale.. come join us!
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