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Default MGM Studio Memorabilia---Need Advice

I need some aid if possible trying to research my new find. My husband bought me a present he found at our local gun show this weekend, unbelievable find!

It is an MGM prop of an old Blunderbuss! It has the brass plate stating such, and get this, it was from Culver City! It has no paperwork on it, so I don't know what movie it was from, but I tell you this, it is pristine and workable, nothing touched up that I can see, and WOW!

If anyone has in hints or ideas where I can start the search, I would be grateful. On an off note...MGM isn't talking. I'll post pictures later...right now It is safely set away in a padded case until I can get a shadow box in cased with tight glass, made for it!
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