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Default late Mom/Rude child care worker

Here is one to get some opinions. I was on a cruise and was late to get my son. I was a half hour late. I made an error on my part by assuming that the beeper displays on the screen when the child care area is trying to contact me. I had on a wet suit and didn't want to get the beeper wet. Well, the main point is that it was an error and I was not purposely being negligent.
The part I find troubling is the reaction of the woman who had to wait with my son until I got back. She was angry and told me that she missed her lunch because of me. She had me almost in tears because I was feeling terrible to have made the mistake and on top of that , she was rude to me.
I talked to my sister in law about what happened . She works with children at an upscale resort. She said that sometimes parents are late and it is inappropriate to be rude to a customer. She would calmly just explain to them that they would have to be back by a certain time.
I was so embarrassed that I just did not bring my son back as I felt that I had gotten off on the wrong foot with this woman.
Any opinions on this? Is a worker justified in being rude when the customer is at fault?
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