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I would rather pay 150 dollars and have a happy child care worker. Even paying 150 would not have made me feel better as a parent for being late and making that mistake. In other words, I was feeling badly enough to beat myself up. She did not have to add to it. Actually, your comment does not even bother me because I already find fault in myself. If she had been late, I would have compassion in my heart. I have missed shows because of people who are late.

I assume your message is that she is justified in being rude. I expect this kind of behavior in my everyday life. I mean, I do live in NY. I was caught off guard to be treated this way on a cruise ship. It was unpleasant enough to make a mistake to warrant not having it occur again. I am a rules and regulations type person. We are all human though,aren't we? Should we not forgive eachother for errors? I am not used to having this kind of anger so vehemently directed at me.

I think a more effective approach is to find where miscommunication may have occured and work to make things work better.

A person who handles themselves in this manner may not be the right person to be working with children.

Anyway, I view it is a learning lesson as my son is not in the pre K program yet and we do not use daycare.