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Hi GiGi,
That is how I felt exactly. I mean I was charged the $7 babysitting fee and I walked back to my room to get a tip but just never went back to give it to her. I was so upset that I avoided the area for a couple of days. If she had been kind, I would have given a big fat tip. It would have been very worth it for her to miss her lunch. My DH brought my son back a couple of times but the little guy just was not comfortable there. You know how it is when you can tell by the way your child is acting that it is just not a good envirernment. I have to admit that it did put a damper on my cruise to some extent.

When I see your name, I think I am talking to my MIL. My son calls her GiGi and her last name starts with K. Your not in your 60"s are you?

Your thinking too how I was thinking. Maybe this lady was just not happy with her job. It was not a great childcare group and I hope to some day bring him when he can experience a better group of workers. I never said anything to the cruise staff because I was not sure how to handle the situation. I felt at fault also.