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Hi GiGi,
Phew! I am glad to see that I am not talking to my MIL.

I wish I could have resolved it on the spot. I think that , as you said before, talking to her would have been a waste but I never gave her a chance. Maybe if I let her know that she was overreacting then she may have backed down and thought about how she was acting. I don't blame her for being upset but she picked the wrong person to take it out on as I was not leaving my child extra time to take advantage as maybe others would do. Anyway, honestly, even if a person is taking advantage, her behavior was out of line.

Maybe a letter will make me feel done with the issue. Unfortunately, it was some time ago and I do not remember the exact week etc. My expectation of the Camp Carnival program was not met and I will have some reservations about taking my son again.

What I don't understand is why someone was not in place to relieve this girl. As you mentioned, GiGi, it must occur often. I will write that as a suggestion in my letter.

Thanks for your responses everyone. I do appreciate it. Even you Sooner.