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Although we who work in the tipping industry have to put up with people like aaa, and we have a few words that aaa might stand for, we know the amount of work that we have to do for the customers so therefore we respect the amount of work that those others have to do for us when we require their services.
Many is a time that as a blackjack dealer I have sucked down your horrible smoke, wiped up your spilled drink and have to put up with a soggy table, listen to your stupid jokes and dont get me started about the drunks! All for what? After I have dumped my tray, ( given you alot of winning hands/money) for no tip what so ever. We put up with a H*LL of a lot for nothing but the hopes that you might show some type of gratitude.
My wife is a hairdresser so therefore in the tipping industry too. Why don't you sit in her chair, tell her first that you are not going to tip her and then ask her to cut your hair. By the way, she is British, born and raised!
May your waters be blue and calm, your sunshine yellow and warm, your hair blowing in a gentle breeze and your Rum flows plentiful and goes down with ease!
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