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Okay to some point I think it is appreciated by all regarding those that dump kids and how the lines have to deal with that problem.

But the bottom line is no cruise staff member, through frustration or whatever has the right to bring one of their paying passengers nearly to tears because of it,,,sorry and forget personal circumstances re why they are late,,that is wrong and very wrong. No excuse, sack them they dont have the people skill to work on ship.

Sooner, what can I say to you that will not get bumped, for nearly two years now I've swappped opinion with you. Not enjoyable, but I read it for entertainment.

But you cannot get away with some of this stuff. You react to people in a way they do not deserve (forget me), and always turn any discussion towards what you in your head think is a TA's perspective. I think most of us by now know that you dont represent real TA's. Personally for two years I have questioned that role you expect us to believe. Right or wrong

Fine, but do not hit some on here with your non "official" statements as if you represent that industry. You have a personal agenda, and have by getting involved upset some decent people asking or presenting a real scenario. Your response and tone is amazing, I mean it really is amazing. In all my years apart from the time I worked with cartoon characters, I have never experienced someone like you.

For people asking for advice or for help regarding cruising,,,do you think you help here?