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As a business owner, I would think that you would view this a bit differently. There are better ways to handle a conflict between customer and employee then to say okay it is even.
I believe I was at fault but I don't think her response made it even. I think her response tipped the scales. If she acted very sweet and kind and I did not give her a tip, then I say it would have been tipped in my favor.
I did not realize there was a break at 12.

If this scenerio occured to someone else, I still would not think her response was appropriate. I have worked in the service industry for a long time and have the customer is always right attitude strongly ingrained in me.
I think many passengers would not have even cared if they were late. Maybe that is why she had such a strong reaction. I felt in a way sorry for her because it made me think about how she must be treated all day.
I would not want to take care of kids all day and then get a different batch every week.
By the end of the week she did say hi to me in the hallway so we had a reserved truce. I am sure she must have noticed that my son did not go back. It was a plus for all the other workers who do not get to see kids that much. They made such a fuss and also the other passengers. I think in the long run she did us a favor because Ryan spent time around people who were thrilled to see him. He had to eat with us and the waitress was thrilled. She had a little boy about Ryan's age and she felt closer to her son through seeing my son. Personally, I thought the childcare people seemed burnt out. I will give it another try some other time and this time I won't be late.