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Default Quick round trip to/from San Francisco

A strange thing happened on Summit, after we left San Francisco en route to Catalina Island in Sept. We departed SF on sked at 6PM. While having dinner, about 9PM, there was an announcement that the ship had turned around and was returning to SF for an "Emergency". We arrived back at SF about 11:30 PM. A woman was taken off in a wheelchair, together with a man. There was no ambulance. We then departed SF again at midnight, and we arrived at Catalina on time two days later.

Apparently the woman attempted to assault another passenger at her table, and this was not the first time. The line decided to remove her from the ship, hence the return to SF.

Question: Due to the cost of sailing an extra 12 hours, would the line attempt to recover these costs from her? Can you imagine the charge on her credit card!!!

Has anyone else seen this sort of thing happen?

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