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Actually, you got it wrong Doc. I didn't contract her for a set amount of time. I placed my son in the Camp Carnival and thought it was all day. The Camp Carnival, as I saw it at the time, is many gals(guys perhaps) working together to be with the children. My error was in not realizing that the camp ends at 12 and resumes at whatever time it resumes. Don't recall now. Maybe 1 or 2? I dropped him off at about 10:30, took a dip in the pool and then sat watching the beeper screen which was on the table. I was ignorant in how a beeper works. As I stated before, thought the screen would flash a call coming in message. When I picked up the beeper to go on my own to retrieve my son, I discovered it was vibrating. I was tired, you know that first day of getting on a cruise. The lump in my throat just came from knowing that I had made a grave error and felt bad. I do not expect sympathy and am actually surprised that not more people have responded as you have.
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