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Thanks for the question,
In answering, Any dealer would be happy with just a simple $5.00 tip as you leave the table. The best way to show your appreciation is to include the dealer in your winnigs. For instance, if you are on a roll, getting some great hands and winning some money, put a $1.00 chip ( or higher) in front of the betting circle where you place your bet. That way the dealer has a chance to double this if the hand wins. Or, just toss in a chip everynow and then, that way it is not at risk to be lost, you show your appreciation and the tip goes into the till that we as dealers share at the end of the night. This is what I do when I play. Many is the time I have left the table and the dealer made more (from me) than I did from the cards.
Also even if you loose but you had a great time because your dealer was very personable, pleasant and entertaining, like I am, leave them a little bit. It shows you are a good person.
And remember, the Dealers have no real control of the order of the cards as they come out so dont get mad at them because your not getting good hands, it's just the cards. My recommendation is sit out a couple of hands, it helps to change up the order of the cards a little bit and may change your "luck". But before you play, learn the basics of the game, when to hit or not to hit, or just ask the dealer the best thing to do with the cards you have, we are there to help. As we (Dealers) look at it, the more you win the better chanches we have to make tips.
If anyone has any more questions about how to play, just email me, I am glad to help.
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