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Doc writes-1) You in reality did make a contract with her (or the staff). Unfortunately, like many (including myself) you didn't read the contract (in a manner of speaking).

I appreciate your statement of it being a contract. The rude part still does not seem okay. For instance, a customer doesn't have everythiig I need so I drive to her job. Should I then get out of my car, storm up to her and say, "I had to waste my time driving over here and and now I will be late picking up my son." Customer then becomes annoyed at me for blowing out of proprtion. Or should I say, "Hi how are you Beth? Then Beth says, "Ok Karen and I am so sorry to forget what you needed." I say, "That is ok. It happens sometimes."

When you state what is the difference concerning why I was late and inferring that it is still rude also on my part, I took the time to look up rude. Maybe I did not have full grasp of the meaning of the word rude.

1. not couteous or polite
2. roughly built or made
3. without culture or refinement
4. rough or violent
5. primitively simple

Doc writes- Why would you even consider the caregiver of your child to be a lowly service person? Especially in the context of the whole sentence - as you apparently were a service person at one time in your working life.

You are right. That statement was uncalled for. It was just me looking in the mirror and not a reflection of her. I did not see her as lowly and quite the opposite.
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