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I usually don't get to ANY sales, including the day after Thanksgiving, because I'm at work. All these flyers arrive in the mail for a Thursday and Friday sale but, I can't get there. In the evening, I'm either too tired, or I have other commitments.
Trevor got a gift when he married me-----I don't like to shop!!! He has to force me to shop for myself if we go to a store. He'll insist on buying me something, even if I don't need it.
I mentioned on the other thread that I purchased some nice little things at the Auxiliary Bazaar at work yesterday. We just received a debit card from our TA as a cruise perk, so that will be handy.
Last year, we just gave the kids a check--even the close ones--and told them to shop for themselves. It's a chore because of sizes, likes, dislikes, etc. as stated before by someone.
Happy Holidays, Everybody!!! Lynne

Ruby Princess
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